Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Start Up

September 09
Peter and Angela
After selling the New Zealand farm we wandered around Australia, then the Pacific (Vanuatu and Fiji) for 6 months.  Unfortunately - Angela decided that small Pacific islands were not as romantic as in the brochures - all those mosquitoes attracted to the Chanel 19!

Caqalai (Fiji)
so we ended up at Bristol (England) and started searching for the next home.

We were looking for a <24m dutch barge which led us initially to the mudflats of Woodbridge, then Friesland and Dijon and a lot of points in between.  As newcomers to the barge world we decided we needed a 'safe' option while we learnt the ropes, so we bought a 17.4m Sagar replica barge now named Kotare (Maori for Kingfisher). As Kotare is relatively new she will stand the inevitable bumps of our steep learning curve

Layout below.

While waiting for possession we both got our ICC/CEVNI certificates (helmsman licences) - Angela got a radio op licence and Peter did an RYA diesel engine course - keeping cows was easier.

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