Sunday, 29 May 2011

Bourgogne - Pouilly en Auxois to St Jean de Losne

May 11

We dropped the wheelhouse on leaving Pouilly (the first time as a need) to go through the 3.3 km Pouilly tunnel, it was well lit and straight so it proved to be an unnecessary precaution but better safe than sorry.

Angie needing a stepladder to see
Pouilly Cutting

The end in sight
Then it was downhill - lock after lock.  At Vandenesse we got led astray by Odin (Neil and Jan) and Carrie-Ann (Jim and Wendy) so the trip up to the chateau at Chateauneuf was painful.

Please hurry up!

Canal de Bougogne
At Pont de Ouche we saw our biggest carp to date - Angie helped weigh it (26 kg) but didn't have a camera - note don't dangle feet in the canal especially as the catfish are even bigger!  Madame Byrony fed us frites - farewell waistline.  The next ecluse had solved the boat storage problem.

At Gissey we 'green banked' with Phoenix a 10 month old Sagar barge - serious envy.  Roger and Margaret followed is into Dijon and led us astray again - yet to meet a teetotal bargee.  The eclusiers were a bit grumpy and snail paced - perhaps the after effects of the earlier regional strike.  We also had our first really bad thunderstorm - which was not appreciated by our guard dog.

Kes protecting us from the thunder
We enjoyed the stay in Dijon - nothing like a cool museum on a hot day.

Dijon Port
Dijon - Place Royale (aka Place de Liberation)

St Michel
We also got mugged by the resident swans and cygnets

Then it was the end of the Canal de Bourgogne and back to our old haunts at St Jean de Losne . A visit to a chandlery to get a new French courtesy flag (the old one was inviting arrest given its decrepit state) and a quick stock up on chocolate biscuits and other essentials in the supermarket.  Steven Sagar on Alicia was on the waterfront but wasn't offering discounts on new builds.

Tomorrow it is on to the River Saone then all points south - which will be a major change after the very quiet canals so far this season.

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