Friday, 2 March 2012

Carcassonne - Arctic Weather

Mar 12

2012 started off just as we had anticipated with good weather for the whole of January.  But Angie came back from the UK cursing the medical profession which had decided that she couldn't have knee ops till she was 70 and/or in a wheelchair.

Peter enjoyed the various parties on the French barges celebrating La Fete des Rois (Epiphany) while Angie was away in the UK, but managed to get the token making him 'King' every time - hopefully this makes him lucky for the year rather than the scapegoat. Lots of rugby and the warm weather was great - but then February suddenly turned Arctic for a few weeks - much to our surprise - on the Midi!!

First the snow.

Then the ice.

The central heating decided not to play, so Angie disappeared off by train to Bonn for a boozy week with her family, while Peter and his technical advisor (Colin on 'Linda') sorted it. A little shopping and a little sightseeing in the gaps.

Beuel - Bonn
The fun spot was trying to get a new SFR internet contract running, despite having a French Bank account and a letter from the Capitainerie agreeing our address it took four visits, five bits of paper (a new one each visit, two phone calls and a fax to HQ to get it running.

However, by Leap Day the weather was beautiful again - so Peter went boating.

Angie caught up with the housework.

Kes pushed off his bed
and lots of dogwalking - this is on the side of the Canal du Midi showing Plane trees marked to be felled due to fungal infection (note the ringbarking)

Peter rashly stated that all the maintenance was done - which was promptly followed by a plumbing leak from the guest toilet - now hopefully sorted. Angie departs for the England again next week to have her vision enhanced (well she is the helmswoman) which will let Peter watch the last of the Six Nations in peace. Only 4 weeks to the cruising season = life is wonderful.

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