Friday, 15 June 2012

and back to Carcassonne

Jun 12

We were covering old ground on our way back eastwards - we knew all the moorings, which ecluses were dodgy and even the good shops (time to go North again).

At Castelsarrasin, Peter sorted a cooling problem for a 'share' barge (Bon Viveur) and was repaid with a bag of potting compost - he then then promptly planted his herb seedlings (Mint, Basil, Chives, Parsley and Oregano)  plus some Cayenne Peppers.

St Porquier was a new stop - a nice little mooring provided free by the village. Peter played with the generator (his favourite bit of kit) and did some patch painting of the deck.

At Montech we took the embranchement to Montauban - new territory for us - on our return to Montech moored with 'Tigers Tail' and managed a bottle or two with John.

Motauban 12C Cathedral

Longest weir to date
Tarn entrance - with the Tarn flooding as we watched
The weather was lovely so Angie was sunbathing a lot and we were drinking more both in the village bars and   with fellow boaters.  This meant a food/drink replenishment was needed in Toulouse - one look at the photo and Peter went on a diet!

This was promptly sabotaged by meeting with 'Sirius' and 'Gladys' ex Carcassonne and an impromptu BBQ.

Glady s
Our new routine is for Angie to walk Kes in the direction of travel and be met by Peter who 'single hands' to the next ecluse (apparently he needs the practice) - travelling on from Gardouch the wind rose to a howling gale (90 km gusts) so we moored at the top of the Midi in a cutting (Ocean ecluse) - a nice spot with an obelisque commemorating Paul Riquet the Midi engineer.  It is also where Wellington and Soult signed the Armistice in 1814.

Ocean Ecluse

Riquet obelisque - a bit phallic
Castelnaudary for the weekend - lots of rugby and Peter was juggling his betting book like a Sarf Lunnon bookie (for you Terry).

 Then a slow week, met up with Mike and Sally from 'Ailsa' a fellow Sagar, then back into Carcassonne and a moderate 600 kms since 1 Apr.  Steph (La Capitaine) seemed glad to see us and the temperature is back in the 30's. Colin off 'Linda' stopped en passant to Montauban by train to make sure I hadn't broken anything.

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