Monday, 16 July 2012

Spanish Holiday

Jul 12

After mooring in Carcassonne, the next day we left the kids to babysit Kes and headed towards Spain.

Kes was stressed at our departure.
We headed down through the Pyrenees stopping at a little Spa village for morning tea (and to let Peter recover from Angie's driving).

Then up to Chateau Peyrepertuse, a Cathar castle last visited in the 90's (Peter had forgotten the climb up or might have bailed out).

A late lunch (assorted chicken and duck brochettes) in Millas, then it was on into Spain.  Peter had found a converted 13C Rectory in the hills outside Girona. Small (5 bedrooms), very beautiful, friendly helpful staff with whom we conversed in a mixture of French, English and our four words of Spanish. A swim and a cold beer or three, then a good Catalan meal..

We spent the next day in Barcelona - standard sightseeing - though Angie couldn't find anything to buy?
Barcelona Cathedral
Palau de Musica (Opera House)
Gaudi cathedral - under wraps
Getting out of Barcelona was a bit fraught, but the GPS proved its worth (only delivered us into an rundown housing estate once - when we missed a turn). Back to the Hotel for beer and an excellent Dinner and then the next day more sightseeing in Girona. But first into a small Industrial Estate to find Angie a little cast iron teapot (as used in the Hotel) - it must be love!

Girona waterfront
Girona cathedral - very tall and massive
Then it was a gentle drive back to Carcassonne where Jackie fed us a large Chinese meal, which was lovely but judging by our waistlines unneeded.  Kes didn't look too stressed.

A spoilt dog!
The next day we used the hire car to stock up with food and drink - then delivered Chris and Jackie to the Airport - before collapsing for a few hours. Next up Bastille Day.

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