Thursday, 6 September 2012

Déjà vu,

Sep 12

As we expected the last month has been a bit boring retracing routes we have done before - the disadvantage of spending a second cruising season in the south.  We even considered sprinting for Agde to paint the hull and then up the Rhone in early Spring but dithered and decided against.

We met up with 'Merlot' (Paul and Kathy)at Castelsarassin and they followed us to the local Intermarché.

Damazan was a new stop, we had expected a 'night market' but the village square had been converted into a giant outdoor cafe - tubs of mussels and seafood plus lots of local wine - led astray by some of the bargees from Buzet it was a really good night. It must have been as Angie dropped a shoe into the canal on boarding - guess who had to recover it!

We got as far as Mas d'Agenais where we stayed for a few days for Angie to sunbathe before turning around.  We had passed most of our fellow Carcassonne Winterers but Sirius caught up at Mas.

Quo Vadis and Sirius
Tricia and Nigel were adopted by an African Grey parrot for a few days

Nigel looking enthused
Off east and we had to stop at La Fallote due to an Arret (blockage) - unfortunately there was a precious stone and fossil museum - so the 'free mooring' cost Peter a fortune as Angie added to her mineral collection plus 'just a little jasper pendant'.

La Falotte
The Arret was a Plane tree across the canal - allegedly dropped by a farmer who had been prevented from irrigating his fields.

The River Garonne was seriously low - though the Baise was navigable

Garonne - April
Garonne - August
At Serignac- 'Linda', 'Sirius' and 'Dunvegan' moored up and we had a drink. Steve on Dunvegan had tried to get up the Rhone in April but had given up due to the current so perhaps August next year will be the best. The resident hotel boat 'St Louis' was out and about - new maxim 'Hotel boats are always met at a bridge on a blind corner'

It is getting Autumnal with the trees changing colour and mist on the canal in the mornings - but the moment we put the Summer duvet on the bed the temperature shot back into the 30's.

Autumn is nigh
Angie was looking like an English sheepdog as her hairdresser has been on holiday - so a few days in Moissac to get her suitably shorn.

This is interfering with my sunbathing!
'Gladys' had to pay our Castelsarassin overnight fee as the Capitainerie was on Winter hours and shut (thanks Eric) - who dropped us in it - a Belgian boater who got upset at us rafting to 'Laura' is the primary suspect?

Then we pottered up the Montauban Embranchement to Lacourt St Pierre - electricity and water for €3 a night which is very reasonable. They are piling the canal sides and there are two dredgers at work which slowed us down a bit.

Peter won his weight loss bet so is now 20lbs lighter - can he keep it off - beer in the local cafe tonight ?? After a weekend of Rugby Internationals and boat cleaning it is off to Toulouse next.

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