Monday, 8 April 2013

On the Move

Apr 13

The Beatles concert by a Dutch group (the 'Rabeats') was excellent, though Peter's hearing took a day or so to recover to its usual poor level.  In our final week in Carcassonne we managed to get two coats of paint onto the roof between rain showers  (and on La Capitaine's days off). Then redirection of The Economist (vitally important) to Castelnaudary and a farewell meal at L'Italia and we were off west only a day early. Saw our first ducklings of the year on 31 Mar just as we pulled out.

Angie recovering from the painting (in slippers)!
The second day of cruising the new wooden Helmsman's chair collapsed - poor quality according to Peter - but Angie claims it was down to Peter who is suffering from a winter of overindulgence - anyway we managed to extract our money back from the supplier and Angie has identified a nice (metal) bar stool that will have a multi use role - all we need is a bar..

April is developing a bit like last year, a lot more rain than sun though the nice days are almost sunbathing weather. We passed 'Ailsa' who was en route to Agde dry dock and after a week pottering arrived at Castelnaudary - lots of new tree planting on the south bank. The snow is glistening on the Pyrenees in the distance but the temperature is in the mid teens.

Peter's birthday came and went as they do - more food of course. Then it was Dinner on the narrowboat 'Amethyst' (Del and Jane) - despite a nice meal Del didn't convince us that a vegetarian diet was the answer or that all the world's ills were the fault of the American's - but an enjoyable night.  Not sure that we could 'liveaboard' a narrowboat though - strictly for short holidays.

Can I have some paté ..please
The Sagar L'Herrison (Stuart and Maggie) pulled in for a night along with Ricoheba (from Carcassonne) so we hosted an impromptu drinks party which conveniently used up all the party snacks. Just killing time now until the weather improves this weekend (more painting) and for Angie to set off to see her UK consultant at the end of the month.

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