Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Into Roanne


Well not directly. Angie got back from UK looking OK but feeling a tad sorry for herself - the surgeon did a good job but five UK NHS visits would weary anyone. Terry (Renaissance) visited a few days later but refused to accept any rugby bets (?) despite the favourable odds offered. So after recovering Angie's sewing machine at vast expense from the Singer shop, we cruised off from Montceau through the lift bridges in glorious weather. We met Alouette (Randy and Deb also wintering in Roanne) in Genelard and after a few days (free elec) we moved on to Paray Le Monial.

Paray Cathedral

Peter kept Angie out of the (expensive) dress shops, but some nice soul chopped off our power cable on the Quai - the nearby camp site was suspect but all that effort for a £5 connector! We departed through Digoin to a greenbank site near the Roanne turnoff - the weather was grey and drizzly, but Peter managed to spend the afternoon watching rugby - what a surprise! The All Blacks haven't lost ths yeat but it can't last.

We decided to push on along the Canal Lateral de Loire and then up the Nivernais. Kes was itching to run but we weren't risking his damaged paw.  At Gannay Peter managed to be the first Kotare resident to walk on water - he went in backwards off the quai when a mooring rope slid off the bollard as he was hauling Kotare in on a curve.  He blamed Angie's helming of course, but luckily the only damage was loss of face and his glasses. As an aside he ordered replacement glasses online from the States at quarter the price of Specsavers and they were fine.

Narrow canal off the Centre

Kiln converted to dovecote??
Terry Barrett escorted us into St Leger and we rafted up for the night.  Kes decided he had been celibate too long and tried to rape Gladys their Pointer - though not sure rape was involved as Gladys was definitely flirtatious. Took Kes to the local vet to have his paw checked - all ok - no bill (I am falling in love with the French).

Renaissance and the Terry's
Next Cercy La Tour (above the weir) then Pannecot where we were all alone. Finally into Chatillon where we met up with the Australians Pauline and Ian who we had last met there in Apr 2011.

at Chatillon sur Baize

We then retraced our footsteps towards the Roanne turnoff . At Pierrefitte we shared a mooring and a few bottles with 'Rook' (Peter, plus Mike as the temp deckcrew) who were scraping under the bridges (literally) towards Roanne.  Fuelled by red wine we decided on a meal in Le Marinier restaurant - just passable but we won't go again.

Then we were on the Roanne canal which was new territory.  A few 6-7m ecluses which surprised us, as did the willingness of the eclusiers to help with ropes (they would never be accepted on the Midi).  At Iguerande Angie climbed the hill to the church and folk museum, which delighted the 80 year old caretaker who spent what seemed like 2 hours personally conducting her from exhibit to exhibit - Peter was in the village trying to get wi fi and failing (SFR is rubbish in the whole area).

That's an 18mm rope!
Then a final morning into Roanne bassin and the end of the canal. With moorings for about 100 boats it is a bigger scale than we are used to - no barges from previous years but a lot of recent acquaintances. Only 230 hour on the engine which is definitely our lowest distance in our cruising seasons.

Then it was get ready for our fifth winter on Kotare. A day or so sorting out shops (nice food Halles) and enlivened one night by a nearby meter box bursting into flame (French electricians not us).  Angie then disappeared off to UK to get her med clearance and visit ailing Mother, leaving Peter to cope with the Winterer's party all by himself.  Next blog entry will update on his survival or otherwise. The fuel delivery is in a few days and a Kabola mechanic is coming to service the CH boiler (an advantage of being in a big conglomeration of boats),

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  1. nice Blog Peter, but when will you own up to the fact that the dunking at Gannay was down to you!!! see you next season