Sunday, 18 May 2014

to Chátillon Coligny on the Briare

May 14

A bit surprised at all the free moorings with electricity, we expected the Loire to be 'fashionable' meaning expensive. So far (6 weeks) we have spent about €30 on moorings in total.  Our cruising pattern has deteriorated so we are only moving on the dry days!

After leaving Ménetreol we tied up on a rough bank so we could shop at the adjacent Colruyt supermarché (and put 60 litres of diesel in the tank) dodging cars on the road - then on to Léré a nice town and just enough mod cons eg a pharmacy for Angie's sun rash (not sure how she got that)!  The two things you can guarantee in a French village are a Pharmacy and a Hairdresser - Alimentation or Boulangerie nowadays not so certain.

Léré washhouse (first good one since the Midi)
Beaulieu well
We were running parallel with the Loire all the way. We wanted to stop in Chatillon sur Loire but it was a hire boat base and a few hotel boats were taking all the other spaces so we temporarily green banked and went exploring. A lot of the lockside buildings en route had had large paintings of insects on the side eg cicadas but never a camera to hand, but quite a lot in Chatillon of medieval figures.

Chatillon sur Loire is where the canal originally crossed the River Loire into the old Canal de Briare so dodging rain drops..

small lock down to the Loire
the Loire was semi canalised so the barges could cross
there is a lock entrance there somewhere!

up to the old Briare canal - note the small entrance and no boat engine!
Then it was off to Briare in the rain where we green banked (nothing stingy about us).

Briare aqueduct (new canal)

Briare Port
Trapped in a Bar by rain we drank a few Leffé Grande before giving up the sightseeing.  We were now on the Canal de Briare - very pretty - lift bridges at a lot of the ecluses and we green banked at the 'top' of the canal by the water storage lakes (etangs)

requiring some renovation equals £200k in England
We were paralleling the old (pre Freycinet) canal so lots of derelict ecluses.

Rogney les Sept Ecluses

Les Bruhle Muhle  (canals side by side)
Then into Chátillon Coligny, a thriving town and nice mooring and good market. Lots of cleaning , some gardening (lots of pots of marigolds) and Angie finally got some sunbathing in (and Arsenal won the Cup)!!! Kes enjoyed the stop too.

Did someone call?

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