Monday, 11 May 2015

Boat Maint

May 15

Just before we left Brugge the local canoe club had their 'open day - canoes everywhere.

Then it was off to the Flanders Ring - the only departees heading West, do the others know something we don't.  we were looking for good weather and pontoons suitable for painting eg no trees and ideally electricity and water.

Jabbeke was sanding and cleaning
Oudenberg was wheelhouse and cabin roofs painted (and first ducklings)
Veurne (long stay) all the wooden windows came out and the cabin sides painted (see photo)
Fintele was the decks, then back to Oudenbourg to varnish everything unpainted.

yes knackered - but if the boat doesn't sell we have done 2 years maint in one month.  Peter put Kotare on Apollo Duck at the start of May and the first response was to part exchange a 40' twin Volvo sea cruiser - Peter's eyes lit up but apparently it would be over Angie's dead body :(  First viewing proper next weekend but we are not holding our breath.

A few Kiwis on the water and on 10 May all the Dutch arrived heading for France (in a queue)!

We will hang around Brugge/Gent for a few weeks then head towards the Netherlands by a long circuitous route'

Veurne sans windows

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