Saturday, 1 October 2011

Return to Moissac

Oct 11

Returning over the same route can be boring, but at least you know the best mooring spots. After a couple of days we ended back at Le Mas with Ken and Rhonda on 'Somewhere'.  A barbecue on the waterfront and more rugby.  Ken was busy painting and polishing as 'Somewhere' is on the market, so Peter took all the roof vents off and did some remedial painting in preparation for painting the main roof.

L'Mas de Agenais
Another wash house
Kes enjoyed walks along the Garonne - a fairly impressive river, though glad we aren't trying to navigate it given the shingle shoals. Early nights for Peter as rising at 5am for the rugby is slowing him down.

La Garonne
Back to Buzet where we managed to get an overnight mooring - a bit self help but advised by Alex off Riccall.  The generator had sprung an exhaust leak (and the generator water pump bearing was weeping) so we needed mains electricity to keep everything functioning OK. Into Serignac where all the orchardists are harvesting fruit - fresh apples so Peter is in heaven.

Peter stripped most of the soundproofing off the generator and spent the rest of the day searching for the exhaust leak to no avail - cleaning the engine room is something to look forward to come the long winter days. Into Agen where we moored on the canal side with no facilities so early to bed.

Agen Bassin
We had decided to stop at Valence d'Agen for a few days to paint the cabin and wheelhouse roofs as the mooring has electricity/water and no overhanging trees.  All went to plan with Peter doing the waterblasting/ degreasing on Day 1, but then the Autumn weather struck so painting was deferred for three days.

Almost finished
Painting or sunbathing?
Off to Malause, a nice little rural mooring, heavily underused given it has elec and water at minor cost.  Peter disconnected all the batteries to do a voltage check and 8 hours later confirmed that one of the six had partially expired  (one of the new ones, but warranty claims are difficult from darkest Languedoc).  Perhaps one of the children might give us one for Xmas - ha!!

Ken of 'Somewhere' had recommended Iain (Noble Marine) at Moissac for running repairs so we moved our Generator in that direction.

Moissac swing bridge
Peter and Iain pottered around the engine room for a day getting dirty and eventually found the exhaust leak where a junction on the final water separator had burnt through (in a difficult dark high spot of course).  Angie fell in love with a local hairdresser who cut her hair with Gallic flair (pity they can only play rugby when there is a Z in the month). While waiting for the new exhaust/pump parts, Peter fitted a new gas hob which had been tucked away in the back cabin for a year (gas connection by Iain) - Angie is now operating on all four burners and has promised steak and chips for Dinner - to be continued ......

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