Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Moissac to Carcassonne

Oct 11

With the running repairs done to the generator we moved off from Moissac, but only after taking advantage of the 'winter' gathering, fuelled by the best fish and chips for years (almost worth wintering there just for that).  A short run that day, then into Castelsarrasin for the weekend rugby (no disasters so far). The ports are filling up with wintering boats so moorings are getting harder.  Kes is enjoying roaming old haunts.

Vicious barge dog
The trip into Montech was a bit misty to start (visibility 50m) but that cleared later.

Montech mill pond (overflow moorings)
We keep on planning a visit to Montauban but defer it - maybe next year if we stay south.

Montauban turn off
At Lamothe (Dieupentale) we moored up with another Sagar ('Laura' with Keith and Terry) - a nice sunset.

We are climbing and the semi-automatic ecluses necessitate using the pontoons well before the lock so Peter can activate them (and run to the next ecluse when they are close - hard to believe) - Kes thinks it is wonderful!  Angie doesn't approve of the outflows at the ecluse entrances that throw her off course.

L'Hers is a nice overnight spot but no mod cons.

L'Hers aqueduct and ecluse
Another nice sunset
The double red kiss of death (and no mooring)
The domestic batteries we inherited in 2009 are dying rapidly so 'green bank' moorings mean no TV or computer and early to bed, so we were pleased to get into Toulouse for another rugby weekend (guess who is doing the mooring planning). Peter made a horlicks of turning from the Garonne into the Midi entrance - notice the mud.

The Emboucherie - eenie meanie minie......damnit take the middle entrance
Toulouse Gare Centrale from the canal
St Sauveur
Angie spent two days looking for a wedding outfit for daughters wedding (anyone with a spare €900 - Angie needs it). Peter watched rugby for a change - well it is much better than clothes shopping! Then off east again.

Toulouse Dry Dock (next year)
Toulouse Port Sud
Angie was getting her hand in with the oval Midi ecluses again - deeper than we remember.

Negra was a new stop for us - a nice little canal chapel.

Then through to Castelnaudary for the rugby final - result (just) - now to collect all my winnings from the non believers.  Moored next to 'Jane Louise' (Bob and Sue) who have a 'mini Sagar' - a nice layout. Once again we managed to join the Winter party/BBQ which started at 11am and finished ........

Then Winter did arrive - a howling gale for two days which led to a good 'chop' on the Grand Bassin.

We then sprinted towards Carcassonne before the forecast winds started again. The bowthruster packed up (probably picked up a branch) just another item for the winter maintenance. Angie exhibited her usual sang froid and skill getting us into our tight winter mooring against the wind and thus the end of the 2011 cruising season - 2000 km a little less than last year though it doesn't seem it.

Carcassonne Entrance

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