Friday, 11 November 2011

Winter - Settling In

Nov 11

A quick addition to the blog before the pre Christmas chaos commences.

We settled into Carcassonne quite quickly, having visited last century and again this Summer en passant. No good Supermarches within easy walking distance, but otherwise all the usual mod cons. A good mix of 'liveaboards' - two French barges, one Irish, two Kiwis (including us) and the rest English (if you include the Northerners).

Carcassonne Bassin
On the first pleasant day everyone assembled for a noontime 'Wintering' party and a good time was had by all - ending on Sirius (Nigel and Tricia) late that evening.  Peter managed to 'inhale' enough sausage rolls to kill any incipient hangover and is now looking forward to a Xmas BBQ - maybe.

Stephanie the Port Capitaine has all the usual vices
 so fits in well
Angie has found herself a French tutor - a bit more intense than last Winter's tutor - so much homework will be in order!  In the interim there was time for a little sight seeing.

Cite Ancienne

Which brings us up to today - Poppies to the fore we attended the Remembrance Day parade next to the Port.

Remembrance Parade
Our daughter visits next weekend and then it is her Wedding in Bristol at the end of the month - the next time we look up it will be Christmas.

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  1. A fine Blog, Teresa is swapping English lessons for French lessons with the girls in the office, working well so far