Sunday, 11 December 2011

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Dec 11

The first chance I have had to sit at the PC since mid November so this will be a long entry!  Firstly, favourite daughter visited us in Carcassonne at the end of November (to brief us on 'correct' behaviour at her Wedding). Nikki and Angie explored the Cité and we found a nice restaurant (in a cellar) recommended by the locals.

Cité - Nikki
Blue must be this year's colour
Then it was off to UK for the wedding.  Colin from 'Linda' kindly dogsat Kes for us (and they both survived).  It was a 12 hour drive but Peter wanted to bring back about half a tonne of boat essentials so Easyjet wasn't an option.  After the usual med checks and Xmas shopping in and around Oxford, we moved down to Bristol for pre-wedding get-togethers/parties.

The weather for the Wedding was good and all went well - the Bride and Bride's Mother looked beautiful and Peter didn't stumble either up the aisle or in his speech.

Proud father
Angie posing
A Happy Pair

A happy Mother
The trip back turned into a 14 hour Marathon with bad weather, Parisian traffic jams and a very full car (250 kg of batteries at least kept us firmly on the road).

Whilst in the Party mood,  we hosted the first Xmas drinks party for all the liveaboards soon after getting back. The weather was fantastic so we could have had a BBQ had we wanted. As it was, the vin chaud and mince pies went down well, especially with the French. After a noon start we were flagging by mid evening but with all the wine and food consumed, fortunately we were able to collapse before midnight.

Carcassonne is in full Christmas mode and the light decorations are fantastic.

Even the barges are doing their bit.

In between pub 'socials' Peter has to build up his strength, finances and inspiration for Angie's birthday, then our Anniversary.  Christmas may be spent passed out on the sofa catching up on sleep! Or perhaps sunbathing - it is bright sun today and 23 degC (in the sun) - quite impressive for mid December.

A Happy Xmas and Best Wishes for 2012 to everyone.

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