Thursday, 6 February 2014

The Year of the Horse aka 2014

Feb 14

Another New Year. Peter nearly didn't make it as a French driver knocked him over on New Year's Eve (well before the festivities). Very lucky it wasn't much worse, and certainly one of his 'nine lives' gone. Bruised ribs and legs but nothing that a daily handful of aspirin didn't solve.

The weather has been mild and sunny so the central heating has been dormant, if this is global warming bring it on, even the geraniums overwintering in the wheelhouse are flowering. Some interesting sunsets though.

The winter pastime to date seems to have been watching 'Location, Location, Location' and trawling property sites in NZ and England (and Germany and.....). Not a good sign, so perhaps our barging days are gradually tapering off - next?  UK house prices are silly, so some of those houses overlooking the Bay of Islands (NZ) are tempting. A good reason to tart up the paintwork just in case.

Angie departed to Bonn mid Jan and is being tested to destruction by her new German GP, who constantly mutters about the low standards of of the NHS. Instead of knee ops they are going to run electric currents through the knees to help rebuild/repair the cartilage, hopefully more 'science' than 'fiction' but time will tell. Peter and Kes will have to cope without her till mid Feb initially. Rumour has it  she has bought a second suitcase for all the new clothes - but can one buy expanding wardrobes?

First boat movement in early Feb - 'Petra' a 12m cruiser came in, spent a night and then left after viewing the residential 'riff raff' - at least we know everything is working out to the Canal Lateral.

Lorna and Aidy (Ariana) visited from Brugge - too much red wine as usual - but a good briefing on the Brugge Coupure where we are booked in next Winter.

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  1. The driver must have been a disgruntled french rugby fan!!