Saturday, 29 March 2014

Last of the Winter

Apr 14

Where did the Winter go?  A handful of frosts, one light snow sprinkle in Dec and that was it.  Angie could have been out sunbathing in March as it got well over 20 degC some days. Well she could have, but she spent eight weeks in Germany getting her knees sorted - thanks to the miracles of German orthopaedic science - no ops, no more pain and the NHS apparently got it wrong :)

Peter semi hibernated, lost 24lbs (again) and tried to come terms with bachelordom.  Angie has been away 6 months in total over the last 12 months and he is sick of his own cooking. Angie is now back with lots of German food for the larder and clothes for the wardrobe - what is the french for Oxfam (for the overflow).

The bassin is full of cormorants doing whatever they do - surprisingly no pécheurs in the bassin (other than cormorants) so perhaps it is against 'the rules'.

Friends have bought a section (building plot) in the Bay of Islands, on the waters edge, and are about to build a house  We really don't need that kind of temptation though we think we have at least one more 'project' in us :)

The usual run of minor maint jobs - the immersion heater developed a leak (now fixed at the 2nd attempt) surprising how much water the calorifier holds. Varnished the window frames, cleaned the bilges etc the usual bargee life - as one job gets cleared another appears. The old TV flickered a few times, so Peter used that as an excuse to buy a new all singing and dancing one (on the grounds it must be failing)??

Chris (son) and Jackie came for five days also carrying lots of goodies (like Tesco shopping) - a good time was had by all - tried a local restaurant and Peter is expanding like a desert plant given water (in his case red wine). Used their car to do lots of admin as well, plus a sightseeing/shopping trip to Lyon so Peter is all set to cast off (Angie has hidden the mooring chain padlock key).

Kes had his annual bath

Easter is the magic date and Beaulon (on the Canal Lateral de Loire) the first stop - free elec and water and Peter wants to paint the wheelhouse roof (free of Port Capitaine restrictions).

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