Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Brugge Autumn

Nov 14

Boats trickled in to the Coupure until mid October.  Reversing under the lift bridge into the Coupure on a windy day with barges moored each side is an interesting prospect (for the spectators).  A full range of boats from million euro gin palaces through barges to a 60 ft widebeam.

Reversing In
A few weeks to settle in and visit some of the local pubs (may take all winter to visit them all) - our initial drinks party which was meant to finish circa7pm went on till 1am before we got the last guest onto the quai. Then it was off to Germany for a week. The German GP (attractive female in tight white jeans and boots) decided Peter's blood pressure was a tadge high (??) so he has joined Angie on a pill a day.

The weather in Belgium certainly seems wetter, if not colder, than Roanne. The Coupure is about 5 mins from the town centre, the tourists have thinned out a bit but still lots of happy photographers in the town centre.

Coupure mooring
Once the internet was functioning Peter went beserk ordering boat consumables (incl 12 litres of paint) for uplift in the UK.  We have decided after 6 years on the boat it is time for the next escapade so the house and 'Kotare' will go on the market next year. Thus the paint order, as we intend to repaint down to and including the deck in the Spring.

Lots of Brugge photos, a full Winters project if desired.

the Belfort

Guild House
We turned up for Remembrance Day, fairly low key but at least it was fine. Kes was not at all fussed by all the noise, drums etc yet a gunshot two miles away and he hides behind Angie?

King Albert in martial pose
Angie's brother and sisters visited in Nov which meant the full guided tour (by Angie) round Brugge and our first proper meal out. By coincidence the Christmas Market started the same weekend (not a patch on Germany though). After an excellent restaurant meal on the Saturday trying out the local dishes, Sunday was just topping off with hot chocolate and waffles!

The local Belgian beer was popular
The 'Moules' girls - treble trouble
 It is difficult to go more than a few hundred metres without being blocked by a canal. After three local beers death by drowning must be fairly prevalent.

Now to build up our strength (and funds) for a family Christmas in the UK; Son et lumiere on 29 Nov when the boats in the Coupure light up for the festive season (and a boaters party) so we must dig out the Christmas lights and decorations and get artistic.

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  1. I notice you have stopped mentioning the rugby and how the lucky Kiwi scrapped wins over the NH sides. The world cup is coming and i predict and early exit for NZ, and a win for England!!
    Sorry you are giving up on the boat lifestyle, I suppose it is getting too much for an old man like yourself and a rocking chair would be more suitable, lots of love to Angie and Kes.