Wednesday, 7 January 2015

2014 Christmas and New Year

Jan 2015

The Autumn was very mild with one light frost before Christmas - an advantage of being near the coast at a guess.  A few trips to the giant Brico called Stock Americain, but mainly browsing (it's a boy thing) rather than buying.

.Angie as is her wont has explored every nook and cranny, starting off with the town gates on the circular canal.  A couple below which must have had the same architect.

At the start of December all the barges 'lit up' for Christmas - surprised the power supply didn't fail (actually the port power supply is excellent unlike some).

A bit like Oxford Street
Christmas was a family gathering in UK, hosted by son, who set a high standard we won't attain when it is our turn again. Every time Peter tried to help he was given another mince pie to keep him quiet which is reflected in his current waistline. Kes thoroughly approved of being able to run around fields with their lurcher cross after the constraints of Brugge. Also a bit of too-ing and fro-ing to Bristol to get the flat on the market before returning to Brugge.

New Year's Eve we went into town and got a few photos of streets unencumbered by people, as everyone was either in the pubs/restaurants or at a big firework display. We then retired to a bottle of champagne!

Kes 'not celebrating New Year fireworks'
New Year's day we gathered for the annual 'paper boat race' - a lot of engineering by some. Peter failed to fold a one page origami version, Angie's attempt did well but didn't win (a bit like the America's Cup).

Just by the boat is a much photographed statue of a girl - Angie joined in (almost lady in red).

Now it is the run down to the cruising season.  Both of us on a diet, and strenuous exercise in Angie's case (the Wii Fit Plus has given up asking where Peter is - he claims he doesn't want to break the balance board?).

Best wishes for 2015 to all.

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